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PTA Clarifies Stance on Mobile Phone Tax Exemptions in Pakistan

Contrary to online reports, the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has confirmed that there has been no official decision by the government to remove taxes on imported mobile phones.

However, the PTA stated that returning Pakistanis will be exempt from these taxes. Additionally, non-PTA mobile users can register their devices by simply restarting them with a SIM card inserted.

Last year, the government of Pakistan extended a facility allowing overseas Pakistanis to register their handsets tax-free through the Temporary Registration System for 120 days during each visit.

The PTA emphasized that this temporary facility is the only current measure in place, and no broader removal of Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) taxes on handset registration has been implemented. The PTA clarified its role is to verify the technical standards of mobile devices for registration through DIRBS after the payment of FBR taxes.

The responsibility for implementing and collecting these taxes lies with the tax collection authority. Any updates or changes regarding mobile device taxes should be confirmed directly with the FBR.

The public is advised to follow information from official channels and avoid sharing details without verifying the facts.


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