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Name Stretching Yoga Exercise at Home, Body Flexibility
Category Health & Fitness
Size 27.9MB
Popularity 2478
Publisher Dr. Zio – Yoga Teacher
Score 6.0
Publish Date 17/05/2022
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Stretching Yoga Exercise at Home, Body Flexibility

Stretching Yoga Exercise at Home, Body Flexibility Game Introduction :

There can be 3 reasons you must use Daily Full-Body Stretching Yoga Exercise at Home – For Flexibility and Warm-up. 🧘‍♂️
1. You must be looking for a daily stretching Yoga workout app for beginners❓
2. Want to do stretching Yoga exercises at home without equipment❓
3. You need a virtual personal Yoga Trainer at home to train you, step by step with 3D videos for Free❓

It is not enough to build muscle and do aerobic fitness🏋️🚫. You must think about flexibility, as well. Stretching can plug this gap.
\”Stretching Yoga at Home\” is the best & free yoga class app for people who are looking for a daily dose of stretching exercise as a part of their daily workout to improve flexibility.
Flexibility Yoga – yoga classes teach you basic yoga poses (asanas), yoga workouts (exercises), Yoga Mudras.

Why you should follow Stretching Yoga Workout?
It includes…
💥Flexibility Yoga stretching – To increases mobility
💥Motion Yoga stretching – To enhance your range of motion
💥Muscle Stretch Yoga stretching – To reduce muscle tension & stiffness, Sore Sore Muscles
💥Pain Relief Yoga stretching – To reduce or heal body pain, back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain
💥Recovery Yoga Stretching – To improve blood circulation
💥Athlete Yoga Stretching – Improve physical fitness & functional performance
💥Posture Yoga Stretching – Improve body alignment
💥Stress Relief Yoga Stretching – Release stress and calm your mind
💥Injury-Free Yoga Stretching – Reduce the risk of injury
💥Joint Yoga Stretching – Minimize wear and tear of joints
💥Sleep Yoga Stretching – Yoga for deep sleep & relaxation
💥Hybrid Yoga Stretching – For balance, strength, flexibility & better Posture
💥Pre & Post Exercise Yoga Stretching – Helps relieve post-exercise aches and pains

Type of Stretching Yoga Exercise
There are several types of stretching techniques, including:
⚡Dynamic Stretching Exercise
⚡Static Stretching Exercise
⚡Ballistic Stretching Exercise
⚡PNF Stretching Exercise
⚡Passive Stretching Exercise
⚡Active stretching Exercise

Classified Stretching
💥Upper body stretching Yoga
💥Lower body stretching Yoga
💥Full body stretching Yoga
💥Upper – Lower back stretching Yoga
💥Neck & shoulder stretching Yoga Exercise
💥Bendy Back Workout
💥Middle Split Stretch Workout
Daily Stretching Yoga for Beginner is a virtual personal yoga teacher who demonstrates all flexibility yoga poses and asanas by 3D videos & voice instruction (in 18 languages) step by step, so you can do the perfect pose without mistake.
You don’t need any equipment or instrument or trainer. Stretching Yoga helps you practice all yoga poses at home at any time.

Features of Power Yoga 360 – Daily Yoga for Beginner at Home
⚡Demonstrating every step of exercise in 3D videos with voice guidance for beginners to advance
⚡Easy to understand home-based stretching yoga, workouts & exercise designed for everyone: men, women/ladies & girls.
⚡Personal trainer to keep track & coach
⚡Supports 18 languages – Voice instructions
⚡Track your plans,progress and burned calories.
⚡All home workouts, no need for any instruments
⚡3 difficulty levels for beginner, intermediate, and pro.
⚡Breathing tips and advice on video
⚡Addition in-detail videos to understand Yoga poses, Pranayama & Exercises better way
⚡Daily health tips and guides on Yoga
⚡More customize plans for each user
⚡Daily workout and diet tracker
⚡Customized workout reminders to remind your progress of your health
⚡Chart of daily burned calories, weight loss & BMI
⚡Offer research & science-based yoga & exercise stretching training
⚡No gym & no equipment
⚡Work 100% – (any age)
⚡Nonveg🍖 / Veg🥗 / Vegan🐄🚫 diet for all kinds of users

Easy, helpful, and 100% FREE‼️ What are you waiting for? Get the best yoga app in 2020 – Stretching Yoga Exercise at Home – Full Body Flexibility right now.
Wishing you a Happy Stretching Yoga Journey with us… Enjoy…
Find out even more at http://www.drzio.com.

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