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Download Pink Baby in Scary House Mod MOD APK vYellow and Pink Baby in House 4.2.6 [] for Android

Name Pink Baby in Scary House Mod
Category Action
Size 94.6MB
Popularity 6491
Publisher Dimad Ltd Studio
Score 6.0
Publish Date 16/05/2022
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Mod Info:

Pink Baby in Scary House Mod

Pink Baby in Scary House Mod Game Introduction :

Play to the baby sister adventure of the horror games in a dark haunted house. If you are a spooky game lover and you can solve different death clown puzzles to escape the rooms, then you will be enjoying this yellow baby horror game. This scary walker in a granny horror house was cute before, but over time, the baby sister girl became so evil, and trying to attack every person like an evil kid is a super scary game. You will become more obsessed and closer to the haunted house while walking through the spirit evil baby of the yellow dark house.

Now it’s up to you, how you will use your horror neighbor granny skills by managing household work with babysitting games. Dealing with a yellow spooky baby is a nightmare adventure of screaming scary games, where you will play the role of babysitter nanny of granny horror games.

Yellow and Pink game baby has many settings; sister you operate the game as if you were a Babyseater in the Scary Baby: Horror Game, and it is a small nightmare scary narrative for you. Save the baby, change the Yellow Baby, Red Baby, Pink Baby, feed the baby, and you\’re ready to go, just like your Bayswater Friend. A scary online baby is waiting for you to make a mistake. In this yellow ghost game, you must complete duties on time or else prepare for nightmares, just as in other horror games for kids.

You’ll work as a nanny, you are supposed to look after the naughty child during the departure of the parents of baby simulator games. But you didn\’t have the faintest idea that you are going to face a horrible nightmare in an evil granny home of spooky scary teacher games. A scary ghost child is waiting for any mistake. You have to do tasks timely in this yellow ghost game otherwise be ready for nightmares in this scary baby sister girl in yellow home games. This game is not like another scary teacher, robber, or horror boss game.
Babysitters value punctuality, and the scary baby in-game yellow and Baby in Pink requires that all tasks are completed on time, or else his mode will shift and he will attack you like a ghost in a creepy game. When you\’re doing scary baby yellow tasks, the game is extremely scary and heart-racing. To stay in the yellow game, you must complete it early and perfectly.

Download Now for free Scary baby in haunted house with pink clothes and neighbor yellow.

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Pink Baby in Scary House Mod Game screenshot :

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