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Download Beluga Whale Sounds mod apk v3.5 for Android

Name Beluga Whale Sounds
Category Music & Audio
Popularity 6886
Publisher Sound Jabber
Score 6.0
Publish Date 09/10/2022
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Mod Info:

Beluga Whale Sounds

Beluga Whale Sounds Game Introduction :

Are you looking for Beluga Whale sounds? This sounds app provide collection of Beluga Whale calls at your fingertips. Download now and enjoy.

Belugas are widely known for their diverse and frequent vocalizations and have been given the nickname, “sea canaries.” These sounds are used for echolocation and for communication with other individuals. Originating in the air sacs of the head, these vocalizations sound like a variety of whistles, squeals, chirps and clicks. It is even possible to hear these sounds above water or through the hull of a boat.

Belugas emit non-echolocation calls with an average frequency range from 2.0 to 5.9 kHz. Additionally, a captive beluga produced echolocation sounds between 40 and 60 kHz in one location and between 100 and 120 kHz after it was transported to another location.

Do not hesitate, explore this fantastic sound application, and let us know what you think in comments.

Beluga Whale Sounds app Features:

☆ All Sounds are high quality sounds

☆ App can work in the background

☆ Auto-play sounds mode available

☆ App works offline after download.

☆ Free App.

☆ Set any Sound as Ringtone, Alarm tone, Notification tone.

Beluga Whale Sounds Game screenshot :

Beluga Whale Sounds

Beluga Whale Sounds

Beluga Whale Sounds

Beluga Whale Sounds

Beluga Whale Sounds

Beluga Whale Sounds

Beluga Whale Sounds ()

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